In 2005 the FASD Network received funding to begin training Post-Secondary students whose future careers would involve direct work with individuals who may be living with FASD. Over the years this training initiative has expanded into a provincial effort to increase awareness of the disability and educate hundreds of people about FASD. Now, the Network offers a variety of tailored training sessions, workshops, and presentations all over Saskatchewan to organizations that work with individuals living with FASD. 

The Network continuously works on updating and developing curriculums for frontline workers, foster parents, educators, post-secondary students, and community 
organizations. The workshops, training sessions, and presentations can be held anywhere in the province. By receiving training on the disability organizations that work with individuals living on the spectrum can gain a better understanding of FASD and tailor supports to the individual’s needs. 

Information regarding our training, workshops, and events can be found  by contacting the network at training@fasdnetwork.ca

Training & Events pamphlet

FASD for the Frontline

The FASD Network of Saskatchewan offers three-hour training sessions to provide front-line workers with an in depth knowledge of FASD. The aim of our Frontline Training is to aid workers in fields as diverse as social work, child care, education, addictions, corrections and many other areas in gaining knowledge that will allow them to make sense of behaviours and tailor supports to the individual’s needs.

Frontline Part 1 - "The Basics"

During this three hour training you will learn about primary disabilities and how they relate to an individual’s behaviours and actions as well as how they may cause secondary challenges. The sessions also incorporates interactive components which allow frontline workers to experience what it feels like to live with FASD.

Frontline Part 2 - "Strategies"

The second three hour training session focuses on tips and real life examples.. Attendance at a Frontline Part 1 session is a prerequisite for this training to ensure an appropriate level of knowledge regarding FASD. During this training, workers will benefit from practical strategies and a toolkit they can use when supporting an individual with FASD.  Attendees will gain insight into what life is really like with FASD through the personal experiences shared during the training.

To book a training session a minimum of 8 attendees are required. The rate per person is a cost-recovery fee of $35.00 for each training session. A reduced rate of $50.00 per person is applied when both training sessions are booked. There may be additional fees such as travel; these fees will be discussed and listed in detail in the training contract you receive. 

Monthly Saskatoon Frontline Sessions

The Network will be hosting bi-monthly FASD for Frontline Workers Sessions at our office in Saskatoon. These sessions will allow organizations that do not fulfill the minimum attendee requirements or individuals not connected to an organization to receive the training. It is also a great opportunity to send any new staff members that have joined your team after your organization completed the training.

Frontline Part 1 will be held in the mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. followed by Frontline Part 2 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Upcoming sessions:

June 17, 2019
September 16, 2019
November 18, 2019
January 20, 2020
March 16, 2020

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Other Frontline Training Locations

The Network will be hosting Frontline training sessions in the following location. Please note that the times for each location may be different and that lunch is not provided. 

There are no sessions currently scheduled. 

Foster Parent Training

Foster Parent Training is provincially mandated in Saskatchewan as 80% of children with FASD do not live with their birth parents. This three hour training helps foster families to understand the disability and what strategies and supports they can put in place. Foster families gain valuable insights from the first-hand accounts of other foster parents on subjects such as birth parents, advocating, judgement, and grief and loss.  

The aim of our Foster Parent training is to explore how prenatal exposure impacts individuals across their lifespan and learn support techniques to help them be successful. Families who attend this training benefit from complementary booklets to bring home for additional information and the opportunity to connect with other foster parents in the community for ongoing support.

To request a training please contact your ministry worker. For those who reside on a First Nation reserve please contact the Network and we would be happy to provide you with a quote. 

FASD Post Secondary Training

The aim of FASD Post-Secondary Training is to educate students about FASD and help prepare them for their future careers. 

Students in programs as diverse as corrections, psychology, addictions, nursing, and education benefit from this interactive FASD workshop. Students learn strategies for support and gain an understanding of the lived experience of FASD. Each attendee will be challenged to consider how they might use this knowledge of FASD to make a difference in their future careers. FASD is a unique disability that requires knowledge and understanding of the fundamental behaviours to offer beneficial support or assistance to the individual.

Classrooms throughout Saskatchewan can benefit from these free training sessions that can be tailored to fit the needs of their specific curriculum and future careers. Students, armed with this knowledge, can make a difference.

Community Presentations 

To meet the diverse needs of different organizations and communities this customizable training module was developed. Community presentations provide a preliminary introduction into the world of FASD. Attendees will gain knowledge about how FASD occurs and how it affects individuals.  

This presentation covers topics such as diagnostic criteria, an overview of the primary and secondary challenges associated with FASD as well as how to get involved with the Support Program and other services offered by the FASD Network. 

Organizations and communities across Saskatchewan can benefit from these presentations that can be tailored to fit their specific needs. Through discussion with our qualified trainers your community can determine which subject matter to focus on and the ideal duration of your presentation. The Community presentation curriculum is intended as an introduction to the disability, if your organization would like to discuss potential tips and strategies, the Network’s other modules offer these components.

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Training can be booked by contacting the Network's training office or sending in a completed training request form.

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