Parent Retreat 2019

The 12th annual Parent Retreat will be held in Saskatoon on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.

This free-of-charge workshop is held for parents, caregivers, and family members of individuals with FASD.

Parent Retreat is a one-day event that provides information on FASD and gives attendees the opportunity to connect with other caregivers. This event is open to parents or caregivers from any family structure, no matter how old the individuals living with FASD are. Please note that hotel accommodations and childcare are not provided.

This year’s theme is “Just For You.” We want the focus of this year’s Parent Retreat to be all about you! The event will run from late afternoon into the evening so we can treat all our hardworking caregivers to a special dinner service just for you!

The goals of Parent Retreat are to gain knowledge, provide coping skills, expand circles of support, share life experiences, as well as rejuvenate and empower.

1:30 pm – registration
2:00 pm - "Grow through what you go through" - Tammy Roberts  
4:45 pm – Support Meeting
7:00 pm – Dinner service
8:30 pm – Event conclusion

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Tammy Roberts
Tammy has been a committed professional parent since 1991 providing emergency and long term care to approximately 250 NWT foster children and youth with mild to extreme learning and behavioural disabilities. She continues to provide long-term care to individuals that have been prenatally exposed to drugs and alcohol as a foster and adoptive parent.

For many years Tammy served as the Yellowknife Foster Family Association  President, and cultivated her parenting skills through training, which has enabled her to deliver FASD workshops locally, territorially and nationally. Tammy has been a support to many children and parents across the north, and because of this was recognized with the Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 for her contribution to the community.


Tammy has been the Executive Director of the Foster Family Coalition of the Northwest Territories since 2009 and in this position facilitates PRIDE Training and provides support to foster and adoptive parents and child protection workers across the territory. She also represents the Northwest Territories on the board of the Canadian Foster Family Association, participates on the National Executive Director’s Working Group, is the Family Support Worker for the Stanton Territorial Hospital FASD Diagnostic Team and is on the CanFASD Research Network Family Advisory Committee. 


Tammy will talk about her triumphs and failures over the last 26 years of being a parent/caregiver to individuals with a diagnosis of FASD. She uses humour and stories to explain the importance of good communication and being resilient in order to keep sane. 




The FASD Network would like to thank the following funders for making Parent Retreat 2019 possible:

The Ministry of Health
The Dakota Dunes Development Coporation